Node Resources define the serial devices, proxy settings, and phone line settings available to the Device Engines within the node.

To view and manage Resources:
  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the Administration menu, click Nodes & Device Engines.
  3. In the All Nodes table, in the View Resources column, click the Resources link for the Node you want to modify.
    1. xMatters displays the Resources for Node page, which lists all of the Resources available to that Node.
  1. On the Resource for Node page, do any of the following:
    1. To modify an existing Resource, type the new settings in the fields for that Resource. For an explanation of the fields, see the following section, Resource types.
    2. To remove a Resource, select the check box next to the Resource you want to delete, and then click Remove Selected.
    3. To add a new Resource, click the Add New button for the type of Resource you want to add. xMatters creates a blank Resource on the page; you can then type the settings for the new Resource in the fields. For more information about the fields and the available settings, see the following section.