Configure system communication plans

System communication plans monitor xMatters processes and send notifications when certain system events occur, such as when a data synchronization job completes. Company Administrators (or more specifically, users with the View.Menuitem.SystemApplications permission) can create system communication plans and configure them to send notifications when these events occur. Company Administrators can also create subscription forms for system communication plans, which enable users to subscribe themselves to events based on matching criteria. For example, you could subscribe to be notified when data synchronization jobs fail, but choose not to subscribe to data synchronization jobs that complete successfully.

Contact Customer Support to configure system communication plans for you if you do not have permission to access to this feature.

Configure notifications for EPIC data synchronization jobs

The xMatters Data Synchronization V2 system communication plan sends notifications when an EPIC data synchronization job ends with any status.

This system communication plan is installed when EPIC data synchronization is configured for your company. If your company is configured to use EPIC but does not have the xMatters Data Synchronization V2 communication plan, contact xMatters Customer Support to install it for you.

To customize the xMatters Data Synchronization V2 system communication plan:
  1. Log on to xMatters with an account that has permission to view system communication plans.
  2. Click the Admin tab, and then click System Communication Plans.
  3. Locate the xMatters Data Synchronization V2 system communication plan, click the Edit drop-down list, and then click Forms.
  4. Locate the xMatters EPIC  Synchronization form, click the Edit drop-down list, and then click Layout.
  5. Modify the form as follows:
    • To specify who will receive EPIC data synchronization notifications, type their user name in the Recipients section. You must specify at least one recipient.
    • To define the message priority and other handling options, modify the properties in the Handling section.
    • To change the sender name of email notifications or the caller ID of voice notifications, add the Sender Overrides section to the form and set these values.
    • To configure attachments, site recipients or conference bridge information, add the corresponding section to the form and configure these settings.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. If you would like to enable users to self-subscribe to these events, click the Subscription Forms tab, and then click Create Subscription Form.
    • Include the :epicNotification:type field to allow users to subscribe to ZipSync or CloudSync jobs.
    • Include the :epicNotification:status field to allow users to subscribe to jobs based on their status, e.g., Job Success, Job Completed With Errors, Data Sync Failed, etc.