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Set a temporary replacement

When you are unavailable to receive notifications for an extended period (for example, when you are on vacation or ill), you may want to appoint one or more other users to receive group notifications on your behalf. You can configure temporary replacements in advance so that the user replacing you starts receiving your notifications on a specific date and stops receiving them at a later date. You can create a temporary replacement for yourself or your supervisor can create one for you.

Temporary replacements apply to notifications that are sent to you because of your membership in a group. Temporary replacements do not apply to notifications where you are targeted directly.

When a temporary replacement is added to your schedule, xMatters sends a notification to your supervisor and the user who is replacing you to inform them when the replacement will occur and to which groups the replacement applies. When the temporary replacement timeframe begins, xMatters automatically begins notifying your replacement. When the temporary replacement timeframe ends, xMatters automatically resumes sending notifications to you. However, if you want to start receiving your notifications before the temporary replacement timeframe ends, you can manually clear your temporary replacement schedule.