Slack is a popular team communication tool that helps enable real-time collaboration. This integration adds an xMatters bot to your Slack workspace that lets you look up xMatters groups, see who's on call, and instantly invite on-call members to a Slack channel using an xMatters notification to their preferred devices.

Do more with this integration

Incorporate this integration into your orchestrated incident resolution workflows with Flow Designer. After you create a configuration, the Flows tab appears. From there, you can build your flows — add new response options, connect to other apps, or even create new xMatters events based on activities in the flow — enriching the information injected by this integration along the way.

Are you looking to integrate Slack into your automated toolchain using steps in Flow Designer? Check out these instructions instead.

Get started with Slack

How to set up a Slack integration

After you give your configuration a name and description, enter a name to use when sending alerts. This name is used when xMatters lets someone know that they've been invited to a channel in Slack (for example, by sending them an email or pinging them in the xMatters mobile app).

After you save the configuration, the Add to Slack button appears. Clicking this button opens a Slack authorization window, where you can pick the Slack instance you want to connect to and view what permissions xMatters needs in your Slack environment.

After you click Authorize to approve, you should see a success message saying you've successfully connected to Slack.

You can only connect one configuration to a Slack workspace. If you try to connect to a workspace that already has the xMatters bot installed, a dialog appears asking you to confirm that you want to overwrite the existing integration. It's a good idea to check in your organization to make sure no one else is already connected to the workspace. Also, if you want to use the xMatters bot in multiple Slack workspaces, you need to set up a separate configuration for each one.

Once you get the message that you're successfully connected, you can close the window and return to xMatters, which shows your configuration is now connected. The xMatters bot shows up in your list of apps in your Slack workspace and you can invite it to public channels (our bot doesn't get involved in direct messages or private channels just yet).

Use your integration

The integration uses the xMatters bot, which you can call into action with @ commands, to look up groups, see who's on call and quickly invite the on-call members of that group to a discussion in Slack.

Extending your integration

To integrate with Slack using Slash Commands, check out our other Slack integration option.