Define response options

You can add response options to your communication plan notifications that allow recipients to respond by text, mobile app message, email, or phone.

Basic responses configuration

Response options are highly flexible and allow you to:

  • Customize text, mobile app, and email notification response option text and descriptions, including translations.
  • Add recorded or text-to-speech (TTS) prompts to voice (phone) notifications, including adding new recordings directly from the Responses tab, and translations.
  • Specify which voice notification responses will add the recipient to a conference bridge.
  • Assign contribution values to responses for performance reporting purposes (e.g., Accept = Positive).
  • Configure what workflow action the system should take for a response (e.g., Unavailable = Escalate), or configure whether the response should count towards meeting a required number of responses.
  • Configure response options to redirect users to a web address after they respond.
  • Specify the response number, regardless of its order on the Responses tab.

The following steps describe at a high level how to add response choices to your communication plan forms; each feature is covered in greater detail in subsequent sections.