Define form properties

The Properties tab allows you to create properties such as Boolean check boxes, option lists, and number selectors that can then be added to communication plan forms and messages, including the Subject line of email notifications. Properties can be used only within the communication plan for which they were created.

When you insert a property into a message, its configured value will replace the property name when a form is initiated. For example, if you add a text property to your messages named tollFreeNumber and its default value is 1-800-555-5555, this value will replace the property name wherever it appears when the form is sent.

If the phone number later changes to 1-800-555-1212, you can simply change the default value of the text property, rather than changing every instance of the property name in your communication plan. The message sender can also change this value if required when initiating the message, and this modified value will then be inserted when the message is sent.

The communication plan builder also includes special predefined properties that allow you to personalize your notifications. To learn more, see xMatters Support.

Only properties that have been added to the form in the Layout tool will be available in the Form Properties panel of the message editors.

The following screenshot shows the key elements of the Properties tab:

Communication Plan Properties Tab

Add properties to forms and messages

Once you have created a property, it will appear in the Properties area on the form designer and the message editors. Note that properties can be used only once on forms (but multiple times on messages).