Add recipients to forms

As a form designer, you can control whether the form:

  • Includes recipients by default
  • Displays the Recipients section to the message sender
  • Displays the Recipients section in an expanded or a collapsed view

Although you can move the Recipients section anywhere on your form, you cannot remove it from the form.

Add predefined recipients

Predefining form recipients is optional. However, when there is some clarity about who needs to be notified about a given situation, you can predefine one or more recipients for your form.

For example, a form named Critical Database Outage might have predefined recipients such as a dynamic team named On Call Oracle DBAs, and a user named Kelly Clarke, who is the VP of Operations. You can even control whether the message sender can view and edit the predefined recipients list, as explained below.

Show or hide the Recipients section

If you do not add any predefined recipients to your form, the Recipients section is automatically shown to the message sender. However, if you have predefined at least one recipient, you can choose whether the Recipients section is displayed to the message sender (by default, the section is displayed). In effect, hiding or displaying the Recipients section controls whether the message sender can edit the Recipients list.

In some cases, your organization may have very clear policies about who should receive certain notifications, and in such cases you may choose to hide the Recipients section to prevent changes to the predefined recipients list. In other situations, you may want to have predefined recipients but still allow the message sender the flexibility to customize the list based on the circumstances of a situation when it occurs.

Specify the default section view

You can control whether the Recipients section appears by default in an expanded or collapsed state, based on whether your priority is maximum visibility or saving space on the form. For example, if it's likely that the message sender will modify the recipient list, you might want the section to default to expanded mode. If other aspects of the form are likely to be the message sender's focus , specifying a collapsed view as the default might be more appropriate.

By default, if no recipients are predefined, the Recipients section appears on the form in expanded mode.