xMatters Agent

The xMatters Agent is a service that you install on a local system so that you can process Integration Builder scripts behind your company firewall. This means integrations can access your company's local network resources, enabling them to interact with the file system or communicate with systems that cannot be accessed externally by xMatters.

The xMatters Agent currently supports outbound integration processing. Outbound integrations run when an xMatters trigger occurs, such as when a notification is delivered, the status of an event changes, or a recipient responds to a notification. The xMatters Agent can update internal systems when these triggers occur, for example, by assigning a service desk ticket to the recipient who responds to a notification, closing a ticket when an event is terminated, or by creating a log of xMatters events on the local file system.

If your outbound integration does not need to access resources located behind your company firewall, you do not need to install an xMatters Agent.

The xMatters Agent is designed to replace the Integration Agent with management and integration capabilities that are easier to use. Both the xMatters Agent and the Integration Agent can update customer systems that are located behind a firewall; however, the Integration Agent currently supports some functionality that will be added to the xMatters Agent over time. This functionality includes buffering inbound requests from your system to xMatters, and using Integrated Properties to query information to use in the xMatters user interface. We encourage you to use the xMatters Agent for new integrations.