Introduction to xMatters REST APIs

xMatters provides REST APIs that you can use to integrate with xMatters using any programming language that has the ability to make HTTP requests.

  • xMatters REST API: The xMatters REST API has new functionality added to it on an ongoing basis. For more information about working with the xMatters REST API, see xMatters REST API.
  • Deprecated REST Endpoints: Our previous REST API implementation has been replaced by the xMatters REST API.

SOAP web services

Before the xMatters REST API became available, many integrations relied on the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web services. Developed primarily as an interface for premises-based deployments, the SOAP API allowed remote function calls to the xMatters system via HTTP requests using SOAP syntax and formatting.

We've officially moved on from the SOAP API (meaning it's officially no longer supported and has been deprecated), so you should use the xMatters REST API going forward.