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We're proud to introduce a new video series welcoming users to xMatters! In our first episode, we explain how connecting your tools with xMatters can help resolve problems quickly.

When help is needed, xMatters ensures the right message reaches the right people at the right time. Our service reliability platform gives teams the superpowers to choose from hundreds of free downloadable workflows, connect their favorite tools, and level up their incident response process so issues are fixed before they can impact customers.

Learn how to use xMatters Dashboards to quickly resolve incidents, view your on call information, and see critical data at a glance. With the power to create and share multiple dashboards across your organization, support for high-level system overviews, and customizable incident response behaviors, dashboards give you the tools needed to manage any situation.

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Ultima Quarterly Release

The Ultima Quarterly Release includes new service classifications, end of shift escalation behaviors, repeating incident tasks, and more:

  • Service tiers: Categorize technical and application services by criticality so teams can effectively distribute their resources and attention.
  • Repeat escalations: Configure escalations to repeat if the notification isn’t initially acknowledged by any shift members.
  • Incident attachments:: Add files to the Incident Console so teams can view or download additional information to help with the resolution process.
  • Updated mobile experience: Quickly access the information and tools you need while on the go with our refreshed mobile app menus.

Find out more about the new features and updates in the Ultima Release Overview!

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