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Adaptive Incident Management

xMatters is proud to introduce a new standard for responding to digital service interruptions. Our adaptive approach to incident management is your best way to service reliability and continuous improvement.

See how to initiate, work, and review an incident from the intuitive Incident Console in xMatters.

Ninja Quarterly Release

The Ninja Quarterly Release includes a new service dependencies map, updated Incident Activity widget, Everbridge & SnapComms Flow Designer steps, unified alerts reporting, and more:

  • Define service dependencies: Visualize relationships between services and identify potential root causes of incidents.
  • Monitor services from the dashboard: View incidents by service over different timeframes.
  • Connect to Everbridge and SnapComms: Automate your business response to critical digital alerts.
  • Easier alert management: Review current and historical alerts from a unified Alerts report.

Find out more about the new features and updates in the Ninja Release Overview!

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