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Adaptive Incident Management

xMatters is proud to introduce a new standard for responding to digital service interruptions. Our adaptive approach to incident management is your best way to service reliability and continuous improvement.

See how to initiate, work, and review an incident from the intuitive Incident Console in xMatters.

Missile Command Quarterly Release

The Missile Command Quarterly Release includes the new Service Catalog, updates to Flow Designer, additional mobile incident management features, and usability improvements:

  • Identify Services: Add services to the Catalog, target service owners as resolvers, and efficiently track any associated incidents.
  • Enhanced Flows: View activity from all your flows at the same time, view logs in full screen mode, and easily filter flows to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Mobile Incident Management: Quickly view an incident’s Timeline and identify participants and their resolver role while on the go.

Find out more about the new features and updates in the Missile Command Release Overview!

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