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Adaptive Incident Management

xMatters is proud to introduce a new standard for responding to digital service interruptions. Our adaptive approach to incident management is your best way to service reliability and continuous improvement.

See how to initiate, work, and review an incident from the intuitive Incident Console in xMatters.

Lunar Lander Quarterly Release

The Lunar Lander Quarterly Release includes new incident stakeholder updates, additional ways to collaborate, a redesigned user profile, and resolver enhancements:

  • Update Stakeholders: Quickly identify and notify stakeholders as an incident progresses.
  • Improved Profiles: A redesigned user profile makes it easier to find and manage user details and settings for yourself and the users you supervise.
  • Simplified Flow Creation: Create alerts, customize messages, and send notifications without using a messaging form.

Find out more about all the exciting updates in the Lunar Lander Release Overview!

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