The DS_PREDICATE_JOIN_VALUES.csv file defines the list item values for list-style event domain predicates. Use this file in conjunction with the DS_EVENT_DOMAIN_PREDICATES.csv file, which defines the properties of text and list event domain predicates.

The PREDICATE_EXTERNAL_KEY field specifies which event domain predicate the list value applies to. The PREDICATE_VALUE field specifies a single list item. Because most list predicates contain more than one list item, the values in the PRECIDATE_EXTERNAL_KEY field are repeated multiple times (once for each list item). However, the combined values of the PREDICATE_EXERNAL_KEY field and the PREDICATE_VALUE field must be unique. In other words, you can use the same list item more than once, as long as it applies to different predicates.

You do not need to define values for text-style event domain predicates.


DS_PREDICATE_JOIN_VALUES.csv is available in version 1.3 and later of the ZipSync archive. The version of the ZipSync archive is defined by the autoDataSyncVersion entry of the manifest.xml file. For more information, see The manifest.xml file.

This file has been deprecated.


Column Name

Maximum Character Length




Specifies the predicate that this value applies to. This value corresponds to the EXTERNAL_KEY value in the DS_EVENT_DOMAIN_PREDICATES.csv file.



A single list item value. Use a separate row to define each list item.