Dynamic team interface overview

Dynamic teams are teams of users based on selected criteria. A dynamic team's members change depending on who matches the selected criteria at the time of an alert. For example, you can create a dynamic team that includes all users who have specific training (such as first aid or fire safety) in a particular physical location within your organization. You could base this on a custom user property that indicates the level of training each user has. As each user gains a certification, the team is updated to reflect that change.

You can view the interface for a dynamic team if you have the correct permissions and you have a role that is configured to be an observer of the team. If you are also an admin of the team, you can edit the team, add and remove members and observers, and update the search criteria.

Team interface tabs

The team interface uses two tabs that allow you to configure and manage your dynamic team.

Team options

From the Options drop-down menu you can copy the team, and update the team's name, description, and notification settings.