Next steps

Now that you have a functioning Integration Agent, you can further explore and customize your installation.

Check out our packaged integrations

Look under the hood on our of our packaged integrations that use the Integration Agent, like the one for CA Service Desk, to learn more about how integrations work with the Integration Agent.

Perform advanced management and monitoring of your Integration Agent

There are a number of ways you can further customize your Integration Agent setup and management.

Some of the things you can do are:

  • Configure deduplication (suppress duplicate alert notifications before the Integration Agent sends them to xMatters).
  • Set up multiple Integration Agents to enhance fault tolerance.
  • Initiate communication with the Integration Agent using APXML messages.
  • Inject information into the Integration Agent using a direct HTTP or HTTPS request.
  • Configure the Integration Agent Health Monitor.

Download the full Integration Agent guide for more information.