The Integration Agent

The xMatters Integration Agent facilitates closed-loop integrations with applications installed behind a corporate firewall. It provides two core functions for applications behind a corporate firewall:

  • An interface for applications to take action in xMatters.
  • An interface to update applications when actions take place in xMatters.

It allows you to enrich events, making it a powerful tool in the integrator's tool box. You can use the Integration Agent to target forms and create events via the xMatters REST API. This feature offers the following benefits:

  • If your management system is not capable of accessing the REST API directly, you can use the Integration Agent to integrate with specific forms.
  • You can create an integration to take advantage of the extra features available in xMatters On-Demand, including forms and scenarios, the xMatters mobile apps, and push notifications.
  • Configuring callbacks with the Integration Agent allows you to receive callbacks from behind a firewall.
  • You can use forms instead of scripting to create notification messages.
  • Creating events with the Integration Agent allows you to use Integration Agent features and capabilities such as retries and queuing.

For information on the latest release and associated downloads, see Integration Agent for xMatters On-Demand.