Synchronization reports

This section describes data synchronization reports for the EPIC tool, which can be run in ZipSync mode.

In this section, the term 'data synchronization' refers to the process of importing data into xMatters. It does not refer specifically to the Data Synchronization tool.

You can log on to the xMatters user interface to view the synchronization report. This report displays whether the data synchronization job is in progress, has completed successfully, or has completed with errors. If the job has completed with errors, you can view a summary of the errors and drill down to view the fields and records that caused them.

There are several layers to the synchronization reports. You can view a summary of the synchronization process or drill down to view the specific details about each job, including the errors that have occurred.

  • Synchronization job summary report: a list of all synchronization reports that have been run over the specified time frame. This report states whether each job succeeded or failed.
  • Job details report: a summary of the results of processing a single synchronization job. It shows the result of each step of the synchronization process.
  • Synchronization report summary: a summary of the results of processing each table of the synchronization job. This report displays the error and warning counts for each synchronization table.
  • Synchronization report details: a detailed list of the errors and warnings that occur for a single table in a synchronization job.