Device management

If you're a company supervisor in a company with an Advanced plan, you can manage the names of available device types on the Device Management page. This page allows you to add as many device names as you need and to standardize device naming conventions for all users. If your organization does not want users to configure personal devices for security reasons, you can use the Device Management page to limit the type of configurable devices.

For example, if your company does not use email devices to send notifications, remove them from the available devices for the company. When adding a new device to their profile users will not see any email devices in the "Add Devices" drop-down list.

xMatters supports the following device types for notifications:

  • Android push
  • Apple push (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch; may be license-dependent)
  • Chat App (Microsoft Teams and Slack)
  • Email
  • Voice (Phone)
  • Text Phone
  • Text Pager
  • Fax
  • Voice IVR (PA systems)

Push devices cannot be added using the xMatters web user interface. Users must download and install the xMatters mobile application onto their device, and then log into it using their credentials. Once they have registered their device, they can choose a device name for it from within the mobile app. The registered device then appears on the web user interface in their list of devices.

Chat apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack must also be registered within their respective user interfaces. Users must have the xMatters bot installed in their Teams instance before they can register their Microsoft Teams account as a device. See Microsoft Teams and Slack for further instructions.

The Device Management page is accessible through the Configuration section of the Admin tab. xMatters displays a list of all device types for your company.

From the Device Management page, you can review available device types, add, edit, delete device names, and set whether or not devices are Privileged Devices.