Customize the TTS dictionary

You can use the TTS dictionary feature to specify how the text-to-speech feature should pronounce common acronyms or shorthand expressions when they are included in voice notifications. For example, you could configure the TTS dictionary to pronounce "BTW" as "by the way" rather than speaking the individual letters. If an existing recording matches a phrase after TTS dictionary substitution, the recording will be played.

You can also use the dictionary to control content filtering, such as replacing expletives or inappropriate words with a 'beep' or alternate expression. If your xMatters company has more than one language configured, you can specify substitutions for those languages as well.

TTS words are restricted to alphanumeric characters and the following punctuation: periods (.), hyphens (-), ampersands (&), apostrophes ('), and colons (:).

The TTS dictionary is not supported for script-based xMatters integrations. In this case, you can use voice files to provide pronunciations for acronyms and other shorthand expressions.

xMatters does not currently support the use of third-party TTS engines.