xMatters mobile app notification settings

The xMatters app for iOS and Android allows you to customize how you receive notifications from xMatters. For example, you can play a custom sound for a specific alert priority, allow high priority alerts to override your device's Do Not Disturb settings, or have medium and high priority alert notifications repeat if you don't respond to them right away.

Manage your notification settings

Enable push notifications

Push notifications are automated pop-up alerts that you receive when an application is not open on your device. Push notifications from the xMatters app display the subject line of an incoming notification sent to your xMatters Inbox. You must enable push notifications for the xMatters app before you can customize your notification settings.

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Override your device's Do Not Disturb settings

On iOS devices, you can use the Critical Alerts feature to override your device's Do Not Disturb settings for high priority alerts. On Android devices, you have the option to override Do Not Disturb for each notification category (high, medium, or low priority alerts).

For Samsung devices, you need to set up exceptions to allow xMatters to send notifications when 'Do not disturb' is turned on.

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Override system volume preferences for high priority alerts

For high priority alert notifications on iOS and Android, you can choose if you want the app to override your system volume preferences. For example, if you want your high priority xMatters notifications to play a sound even when your device is muted, or to play a loud sound when your device volume is set to low.

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Use custom sounds for your alert notifications

The xMatters mobile app includes a selection of high impact custom sounds (more easily heard in noisy environments) that you can use for low, medium, and high priority alert notifications. On Android, you also have the option to use any sound file on your device for your notifications.

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Repeat notifications

The Repeat notifications feature in our mobile apps is a great way to make sure you never miss an important notification. This feature allows you to repeat notifications sent to your mobile app up to ten times, at an interval of every one to ten minutes.

Repeat notifications do not stop regular group escalations. Depending on the number and length of the repeat notifications settings, group escalations may occur before a message finishes its repetition cycle.

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Other notification settings

Depending on which version of the iOS or Android operating system your device supports, your device's system settings for the xMatters app may include additional settings you can use to customize your notification settings.

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Troubleshooting notifications

The xMatters mobile app includes the ability to run tests to confirm you can receive notifications for low, medium, and high priority alerts. This is useful if you run into notification issues while using the app, or if you want to check how a notification for a specific priority level will appear and sound when delivered to your device.

Still having issues? Contact technical support

If you've changed your settings, rebooted your device, and reinstalled the mobile app, but you're still experiencing issues, then it's time to contact technical support. To help us help you quickly, try and include as much of the following information in your support ticket as possible (don't worry if you don't know all the answers).

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