Manage flow canvases

The Flows tab in a workflow is your entry point into creating canvases to design automated incident resolution flows using Flow Designer. It also lets you manage those canvases - rename them, give them a description so workflow developers know the purpose of a particular canvas, and, in some cases, delete them.

Edit the name and description

By default, the canvas has the name of the associated form but you can edit the name and add a description to better reflect the contents of the canvas.

  1. Click the gear icon for the canvas and select Edit Name.

For canvases created by the migration of Integration Builder integrations, the default name is the integration name.

  1. Enter a new name and an optional description.
    • The name must be unique within the workflow.

  1. Click Save.

The new name replaces the previous name wherever the canvas is referred to in Flow Designer.

Delete a canvas

Some canvases are created during the automatic migration of legacy Integration Builder integrations that weren't associated with a form. In this case, you also have the option to delete the canvas. This also deletes the associated integration in the Integration Builder — before you delete it, make sure you either no longer need the integration functionality or you've moved it to a flow on another canvas (we have instructions on how to fully convert inbound and outbound integrations to flows).

  1. Click the gear icon for the canvas and select Delete.

  1. Click Delete on the confirmation dialog (or Cancel if you've changed your mind).