This section addresses some questions that commonly arise regarding EPIC DataSync, especially those relating to troubleshooting.

Q. Can I configure log file verbosity and location?

A. Yes. There is a log4j.xml file in the config folder that allows you to set the log directory's location and verbosity.

Q. Can I configure communication timeouts?

A. No. There is no explicit server communication timeout configuration available; the process relies on the standard HTTPS timeout settings.

Q. Why does the Synchronization Report display database tables that are not available to modify using EPIC Data Sync?

A. The EPIC DataSync feature shares some of the same functionality and process as the original Data Synchronization feature. When the EPIC DataSync is performed, the job processes the same tables, though it does not modify them in any way.

Q. How are new users added by the EPIC tool assigned passwords?

A. When the EPIC tool creates new users in xMatters, they are assigned random passwords. New users logging on to xMatters for the first time must go through the Forgot Password workflow to reset their password. If users do not have any devices configured, their supervisor must reset their password for them.

Q. Can I create a broadcast group using EPIC?

A. All groups created and updated via EPIC are on-call groups; you can only create or modify broadcast groups using the web user interface or the xMatters REST API.