Flow Designer has built-in steps to help you integrate Ansible Automation Controller into your event management and incident response flows.


All requests from xMatters to Ansible Automation Controller must be made through the Agent. If you do not already have an agent installed and running, see Install the xMatters Agent.

The following step is available:

  • Launch Job Template: Launch a job template in Ansible Automation Controller.


To add an Ansible step to your flow:

  1. Go to the Apps tab of the palette, expand the Ansible section, and drag the Launch Job Template step onto the canvas.
  2. Connect the step to the previous step in the flow. This gives you access to the alert properties and outputs of previous steps when you configure this step's inputs.
  3. Double-click the step to edit it, and use the Setup tab to configure the inputs. You can use plain text and input variables (or both). See the following section for detailed information on the inputs, including which are required.
  4. Click the Run Location tab and select the Agent to use to send requests to Ansible.
  5. Click Done.

Launch Job Template

Use the Launch Job Template step to launch an Ansible job template. Map outputs from previous steps to the inputs to create the comment and determine what incident to comment on.