Copy a step

Is there a step on your canvas you'd like to use in another flow? Or, maybe there's an existing step on the palette you'd like to customize or extend? You can create copies of steps – either on the canvas or in the palette – to use as a template or a starting point for your own new steps.

When you drag a step from the palette, you create an instance of that step on the canvas and you configure its settings and fields to meet the needs of your flow. When you copy that step on the canvas, you're duplicating the instance of that step with its current canvas configuration.

When you copy a step in the palette, you're copying the underlying structure of how that step is defined as a new step in the palette, which you own and can edit.

Copied steps are independent of the step they originated from and do not receive updates if the original step is modified. For example, if you copy one of Flow Designer's built-in steps in the palette, like the 'Create Incident' step for ServiceNow, your custom step is not updated if changes are made to the original built-in step available on the Apps tab of the palette.