Edit a step definition

After you create an HTTP trigger, custom step, or callable trigger, you might want to come back later and change things up. Of course, if the step (or step version) isn't used in a flow yet, then editing or even deleting it isn't a problem. But if you need to edit it after the step is in use on another canvas, you need to be careful how you make changes so you don't break your flows.

We don't want you to break flows you might not know about, so there are three types of changes:

  • Non-breaking changes.
  • Changes that impact the results of the step but don't technically break it. We let you make these changes, but we warn you which flows it might impact.
  • Breaking changes that we stop you from making until you've removed the step from the flows it's used in.

We also don't let you delete a custom step that's still used in a flow because that's the ultimate breaking change.

If you want to make changes to a deployed step that's used in a flow on another canvas, you can also create a new version of the step linked to the current version. This lets you make more significant changes to the step and set the state to In Development so you don't let the changes out in the wild until they're ready. Or you can copy a step to create a completely new step using the existing one as a template.