Everbridge steps

Flow Designer has built-in Everbridge steps to help you integrate Everbridge Critical Events and Risk Events into your event management and incident response flows.

The following steps are available:

  • Launch Critical Event: Automatically create a new Critical Event in Everbridge using an existing Critical Event template, populating it with information from the alert or previous steps in the flow.
  • Create Risk Event: Automatically create a new Risk Event in Everbridge Visual Command Center (VCC).

In the following example, when an incoming signal is marked as Critical, the flow initiates an xMatters incident then launches an Everbridge Critical Event and Visual Command Center (VCC) Risk Event.

Launch Critical Event step


To launch a Critical Event in Everbridge, you need to know your Organization ID, and the name of the template to use. You must also contact your Everbridge support representative to get API access enabled for your account.

Create Risk Event step


Before you add the Everbridge Risk Event step to your flow, you need to have Risk Events enabled for your account and Risk Events and Self-Service Risk Events enabled for your Organization. If they aren't already enabled, contact your Everbridge representative to have them enabled.

Your representative can also provide you with instructions to add a new custom feed to the Visual Command Center for your risk events. You'll need the API Key of the feed to set up the Risk Event step in xMatters. If you don't have the API Key, you can get it by going to Settings > Everbridge Open > Risk Events > Self-Service Risk Events.