Statuspage steps

Flow Designer has a number of built-in steps to help you integrate Statuspage into your event management and incident response flows.

The following steps are available:

  • Create Incident: automatically post a new incident to a page in Statuspage, populating it with information from the event or previous steps in the flow.
  • Update Incident: automatically update an incident in Statuspage as information about the event changes.

In the example above, the flow creates a Jira Cloud issue when a certain response is selected. This creates a Statuspage incident with details from the originating system and the Jira Cloud issue. A ServiceNow issue is created and the Statuspage incident is updated to include the ServiceNow incident number in the metadata.

To use these steps, you need an existing page to post the incident to.

Create Incident

Use the Create Incident step to automatically post a new incident to a page. Map outputs from previous steps to the inputs to complete the incident details.

Update Incident

Use the Update Incident step to automatically update the information on an existing incident. Map outputs of previous steps to the inputs to determine which incident to update and to update the details.