Schedule holiday shifts

You can configure your on-call group so that it automatically uses a different shift schedule on holidays. This allows you to give members the day off, work different hours, or have more time to respond to notifications.

On-call group holidays are used primarily for groups that have shifts that are active (or on-duty) part of the time. You do not usually configure holidays for on-call groups whose members are active all the time, such as a group with a single 24x7 shift used for broadcasting emergency messages.

There are several ways to define how shifts behave on holidays. The most straightforward way to define holiday coverage is to create a separate holiday shift. However, you can also modify existing shifts to be on-duty (or off-duty) for all or part of holiday days.

Once you enable holidays for your on-call group, you must also create holiday shifts or modify existing shifts to be on duty on holidays. Otherwise, notifications sent to the group on holidays will not be delivered to any recipients.