Group options and settings

The Overview tab of the groups user interface allows you to configure group settings. From here you can define who is allowed to access and modify the group, which holiday calendar the group uses, and various options for how xMatters contacts group members.

To access these settings, you must have permission to view groups in the xMatters user interface (such as when you have the Group Supervisor role) and the group must be configured to allow one of your assigned roles to access the group. To modify a group's settings you must be a supervisor of the group.

Group options

The Overview tab allows you to modify group settings, including the group name and description, the group's holiday calendar, and other advanced settings that determine how xMatters notifies group members.

Group observers and supervisors

Group observers and group supervisors define who is able to view, notify, and modify the group.


The Services section displays the services the group owns and is responsible for and indicates if any of those services are currently impacted by an incident.