Manage task lists

The best time to create task lists is before an incident even happens. Preparing a list of tasks ahead of time ensures that you capture all the steps in your response process, allowing incident commanders to focus their efforts on resolving the issue quickly. The Incidents menu in Base and Advanced xMatters plans includes a Task Lists section where teams can build lists of tasks for different incident types or use cases. For example, SREs may define a list of failover tasks, service teams may document how to perform a deployment rollback, or support managers may specify the customer communication process. During an incident, incident commanders can select the relevant task lists that apply to the incident, and the tasks within the list will be added into the Tasks section of the console.

You can use the Task Lists page to review the current task lists (including how many tasks are in each list), remove existing lists that are no longer relevant, and create new ones to use in future incidents. Task lists are useful if your teams follow specific playbooks during the incident management process, and help resolvers adhere to best practices to reduce response time.