Job details report

The Job Details report displays the progress of a synchronization job as it completes each stage of the synchronization process.

To view a job details report:
  1. Log in as a Company Administrator, Super Administrator, or Service Provider Support User.
  2. In the Reports menu, under Company Reports, click Synchronization Report.
  3. Generate a Synchronization Report as described in Synchronization Report, and then click the link in the Status column for the synchronization job that you want to view.
    1. xMatters displays the Job Details report page.

  1. Do one of the following:
    1. If the EPIC job completed successfully, or completed with errors, click the link in the Step column to view a detailed synchronization report for the completed job.
    2. If the job could not be completed, click the link in the Message column for information about the failure or current state of the job.