Company holidays

Each country has a specific set of predefined holidays that you can modify to reflect company requirements.

For an example of how company, site, and custom holidays can be configured for a company, see Company Holiday Example.

Manage company holidays

You manage company holidays using the Company Holidays page.

To view and manage company holidays:
  1. In the Admin menu, under Calendars, click Company Holidays.
  2. If there is more than one Company in the system, select the Company in which you want to manage the holidays, and then click Continue.
    1. xMatters displays a list of the current Company Holidays for the Company.
  3. In the Company Holidays list, do any of the following:
    1. To remove a Company Holiday from the list, select the check box next to the Company Holiday or Company Holidays you want to remove, and then click Remove Selected.
    2. To add a new Company Holiday, click the Add New link, and then use the Find Holidays Search tool to filter holidays. Select the holiday or holidays that you want to add in the Search Results box, click Add, and then click Save.