Troubleshooting user upload errors and warning messages

This section describes how to deal with common errors and warning messages in the user upload. After making the suggested changes in a text editor, try to import the file again. If you want to be notified when your files finish processing, you can subscribe and xMatters will send you email or SMS notifications.

The following table summarizes error and warning messages that might occur while after a user upload file is processed, and provides troubleshooting guidance Angle brackets "<>" are placeholders for the actual values, and many messages contain "Returned Error:" which provides the specific xMatters REST API error message to help you troubleshoot.

Validation Error Messages Suggested Action
Column <columnName> does not have a header. Add an appropriate header for the specified column (see the sample template file for guidance).
Could not create the device name. The device name could not be created due to the specified error. Correct the error and upload the file again.
Could not create user <userName>. The specified user name could not be created due to the specified error. Correct the error and upload the file again.
Could not delete device. The specified device could not be deleted due to the specified error. Correct the error and upload the file again.
Could not delete user <userName>. You cannot delete the user because they do not exist in the system. This may be due to an incorrect user ID (i.e., a typo), or the user may have been previously removed. Correct the typo or remove the user from the file.
Could not process record. The record at the specified row could not be processed. Review the row to correct any error, or remove the row from the file and upload again.
Could not remove user <userName>; user does not exist. The specified row contains a non-existant user that cannot be removed. Remove the row from the file and upload again.
Data import file version information missing or incorrect. Indicates that the first line (i.e., that is not commented out or blank) of the data file is missing or incorrect. The first line of the file should be similar to the following, where "X.x" represents the correct version number: "User Upload v1.5". Ensure that this is the first uncommented or non-blank line, and that it contains the correct version number.
Import jobs cannot have more than 10,000 lines. Break the import job into parts that include 10,000 or fewer lines.
Invalid device name: <deviceName> The device name does not exist in your system. Configure the device name, then upload the file again.
Invalid device type: <type> The device type you attempted to upload is not supported in your system. Use a supported device type, and upload the file again.
Invalid language: <language> The language of your import file is not supported. Change the language to one of the supported options and upload the file again.
Invalid Operation: <operationName>. Valid values include PROCESS, REMOVE. An invalid operation type was submitted. Review the row and update the operation to either PROCESS or REMOVE, or remove the row from your file.
Invalid Pager: <address> The address provided for the pager is not valid. Update to a valid address and upload the file again.
Invalid pager provider: <provider> The listed provider is not a valid pager provider for your organization. Insert a valid pager provider and upload the file again.
Invalid site value: <place> Correct the spelling of the Site name, or replace the specified Site value with a Site that exists in the database.
Invalid user supervisors: <Supervisor1>, <Supervisor2> Review the row and ensure the supervisors listed are valid supervisors for the user.
Mandatory column header <columnHeader> is expected in column <columName>. Add the specified mandatory column header, or replace an existing header with the mandatory header. The following columns are mandatory: Operation, User. If any users are being added or updated, it is also necessary to add First Name, Last Name, and Site. Finally, added users require at least one valid email device.
Missing header for required property: <propertyName> Ensure the header field has a valid name.
No specified user supervisors. Specify a user's supervisor(s) in the Supervisors column.
Unexpected device name in header: <headerName>. All device names must come before custom properties. The submitted device name must come before custom properties.
Unexpected header: <headerName> This must be a device name or custom property. The submitted value was neither a device name, nor a custom property.
User service provider missing for device <devicename> Specify the service provider for the device name.
User does not have any devices and cannot receive notifications. Add a valid device for the user.
User has no failsafe devices. Set a device to be the failsafe device for the user.
You do not have permission to delete user <username> Your current permission settings do not allow you to delete the specified user. Request upgraded permissions from your administrator, or remove the user from the file.