Configure SAML in xMatters

This section describes how to configure SAML in xMatters after you've obtained the certificates and settings described in SAML settings and requirements. Once you have configured SAML for your company, only users authorizing with Single Sign-On will be granted system access unless they also have permission to log in natively. For more information about enabling native login, see Enable native login.


These examples show how xMatters can be configured to use SSO with various identity providers. The implementation details are specific to the identity provider and the company in the examples. They are intended to show you an example of the data and how to find it in an assertion; you will need to replace this data with the values obtained from your identity provider.

The examples in this section use the following xMatters configuration:

  • xMatters installation for MyCo is at:
  • xMatters assertion/claim URL for MyCo is
  • User being authenticated is Mary McBride.  Her User ID is mmcbride, and her Web Login ID is