SAML settings and requirements

This section describes the certificates and settings that you must obtain from your Identity Provider (IdP) as well as the settings and requirements your IdP requires from xMatters.  Once you have obtained this information from your IdP, ask your xMatters representative to configure SAML for you (see Configure SAML in xMatters). Some of the information from the IdP can be located by inspecting the SAML assertion files. Other information can be obtained by contacting your IdP.

You also need to determine how your IdP identifies users (for example, by email address) and ensure that xMatters uses the same method to identify users in either the User ID or Web Login ID field. You may need to adjust the values stored in the Web Login IDs to match how the IdP identifies users.

xMatters SAML requirements

Your identity provider requires information about how xMatters configures Single Sign-On, including which kind of SAML implementation xMatters supports, how to encrypt and sign communications, and where to send assertions.

Identity provider SAML settings

Before you can configure SAML for xMatters, you must obtain information about how your identity provider configures SSO and obtain certificates for your production and non-production instances. The following sections describe the information that is required from your identity provider.