Manage API key credentials

The API Keys tab in a user's profile (or the profile of a user you supervise) allows you to manage the API key credentials that are associated with that user. You can use API key credentials to authenticate requests to the REST API, trigger flows in Flow Designer, and initiate any integration that is configured to support API authentication using a unique, user-assigned API key as the username, and a randomly-generated secret as the password. (API key credentials cannot trigger flows that are set to require Basic authentication; choose the API Key Authentication method, or set the trigger to allow all methods.)

Each user in the system has a unique API key, but you can create multiple sets of credentials, each with a unique secret. This allows multiple systems to authenticate using the same user account, while controlling each system's access separately and without needing to store your xMatters user ID and password in multiple places.

A request using API key credentials has the same permissions and access to data in xMatters as the associated user, but the key and secret cannot be used to log into the web user interface, and the credentials will continue to work even if the associated user changes their password. However, API key credentials will stop working if the user is deleted from xMatters.