Manage users

Every person in the xMatters system is a "user" defined by a set of details, including ID number, user name, login password, and so on. Each user has a set of permissions that define the features to which they have access.

The Users page

The Users page displays a list of all the users in the system that you have permission to view. You can use the filters, search criteria, and other settings on the users page to refine the list. For example, you can locate a single user, find all the users that belong to a specific site, or see a list of just those users you supervise. You can also export the list of currently displayed users to a spreadsheet; for more information, see Export a list of user details.

Users with similar roles and permissions may see different results because the "All Users" option does not display all of the users that exist in your deployment. Instead, it displays all of those users assigned to roles that your role has permission to view, and all of the users you supervise (even if you would not normally be able to see those users based on their roles alone). For example, if two person supervisors supervise a different number of users, and those users include people with roles that would not normally be visible to a person supervisor, then each of the supervisors would see a different number of users when they select the "All Users" option.