Manage and share dashboards

The Communication Center allows you to create multiple dashboards that provide customized views of your xMatters system. To learn more about the ways you can customize your dashboard with widgets, see Communication Center dashboards.

You can use the Options menu to rename, copy, share or delete the active dashboard.

The Dashboards menu allows you to quickly view starred dashboards, create a new dashboard, and open the Manage Dashboards window.

The Manage Dashboards window allows you to view any dashboard that you own or is shared with you, including dashboards that are not starred, and perform advanced dashboard management tasks such as sharing dashboards and assigning them to another owner.

The ability to create and share dashboards is controlled by your licensing and pricing plan.

View dashboards with the dashboard manager

The Manage Dashboards window allows you to edit, share, delete, and reassign ownership of dashboards that you own. It also allows you to view any dashboard that you own or has been shared with you, and mark whether a dashboard is a favorite.

Dashboard ownership and sharing

When you own a dashboard, you can edit it, delete it, and share it with individual users or users who have been assigned a particular role. This enables you to create and manage custom dashboards for a group of users.

The users that you share a dashboard with can view, copy, and star it, but they are not able to edit or share it. Additionally, they are not able to view any components of the dashboard they don't otherwise have permission to access. For example, if you share a dashboard that contains the Manage Users widget with a user who does not have permission to manage users, they will see a placeholder instead of the Manage Users widget.

You automatically become the owner of any dashboard you create. However, if you want to delegate management of a dashboard to another user you can change its owner. When you reassign ownership of a dashboard, you are no longer able to edit it, and you are only able to view it if the new owner has shared it with you or one of your roles.