Communication Center dashboards

The Communication Center displays customized views of your system, allowing you to track critical processes and quickly access the tasks you perform most frequently. Each Communication Center dashboard can be customized with the available widgets, allowing you to view alerts, send messages, view your schedule, and create shortcuts to xMatters features. You could create one dashboard to show a summary of daily activity and another dashboard to monitor alerts related to a specific incident or theme.

When the Communication Center is enabled, the Home tab displays the default dashboard. You can customize this dashboard, create new dashboards, and share your dashboards with others.

Customize your dashboard with widgets

You can customize your dashboards with the available dashboard widgets. Once you add a widget to your dashboard, you can resize it to give it more room to display its content, move it to another part of the dashboard, and configure its settings.

Available widgets

The widgets that are available to add to your dashboard will depend on your user permissions. For information about configuring a specific widget, refer to the help topic for that widget.

Create and view additional dashboards

Depending on your license level, you can create new dashboards, manage your dashboards, and share them with others. For more information about managing and sharing dashboards, see Manage and share dashboards.

When you log in for the first time your dashboard will reflect your role, but you can easily customize it so the information that's most important to you is always easy to see. For example, if you supervise numerous groups, you can create an additional dashboard that only shows group performance information for specific groups or timeframes. If you have various roles, or only want to see certain information at a given time, you can create and save multiple dashboards for different widgets, such as a dashboard solely to track group performance, and a separate one to monitor alert analytics in your system.

If you have the Read-Only User role, you can rearrange your dashboard but you can't save changes. The dashboard will reset to the default layout each time you log in.