Call into xMatters to retrieve messages

You can call in to xMatters to hear any alerts you may have missed, or to respond to alerts that you received on a one-way device. If you do not know the number to call, contact your supervisor or xMatters Administrator.

When you call in to retrieve alerts, or when you answer a call from xMatters, the system will prompt you to respond to all of your active alerts. In some cases, this may include alerts to which you have already responded, but that are still assigned to you. This is due to the response choices configured by your xMatters administrator, and the options they have configured in the system that dictate what action each response means for the underlying event.

For example, if you answer a phone call from xMatters and respond to the notification with "Acknowledge", your administrator may have configured that response choice to mean that you are the sole person responsible, and to instruct the system not to notify anyone else about it, but not to close the original alert. If you then call in to xMatters later to retrieve another voice notification for an unrelated alert, you might be prompted to respond to both the new notification and the original notification again.

You can respond to those notifications again, which will update your original response, and may affect the status of the alert in the system.

To retrieve an alert by phone:
  1. Dial the number for xMatters.
  2. When prompted by xMatters, enter your Phone Login.
    1. To locate your Phone Login, see Change your web and phone passwords.
  1. When prompted by xMatters, enter your phone password.
    1. xMatters will then read all of your pending and active alerts, and allow you to respond to them if there are response options.