Define message content

The Messages tab is available for Messaging forms. It's your access point for adding email, fax, push, text (SMS), pager, generic device, and voice interaction content to your messaging forms.The Messages tab warns you when a message type is not defined or is missing content.

Formless alerting: You can notify users without a form by adding a Create Alert step to your automated flows. Currently, the Create Alert step supports only one language; if you need to configure messages in multiple languages, use a Messaging form.

Multi-language capabilities

Companies configured for more than one language can assign users their preferred language for communication. The xMatters message and response editors allow you to define messages and responses in all the available languages for the company.

Language presentation logic

When you define messages and responses in languages other than the company's default language, they will be presented to a user using the following logical order (based on availability):

  1. Recipient's preferred language (as defined on their User Profile)
  2. Site language
  3. English
  4. Any language

For example, if a message sender defines content in English and alternative content in French and German, message recipients whose preferred language is French or German will receive content in those languages. Users that have not specified their preferred language will receive the message in their site's default language, if available. If content is not available in the site's default language, the user will receive the message in English.

If your company has multiple versions of a language defined (such as English US, and English UK, and English CDN), these will be treated as different languages in xMatters.