Copy a step

Is there an existing step that you'd like to customize or extend? Maybe you're using one of our built-in ServiceNow steps and you'd like to add additional inputs to better match your company's ServiceNow configuration. Or, perhaps someone in your organization has written a custom step that you could use for your team's processes, with some minor tweaks.

You can create a copy of a built-in step or a custom step to use as a template or starting point for your own step. When you copy either a built-in or custom step, Flow Designer creates a new custom step with the original step's definition and logic, including its icon, description, allowable endpoints, inputs, outputs, and script. As the owner of this new custom step, you can edit its definition, deploy it, and share it with others.

Copied steps are independent of the step they originated from and do not receive updates if the original step is modified. For example, if you copy one of Flow Designer's built-in steps, like the 'Create Incident' step for ServiceNow, your custom step is not updated if changes are made to the original built-in step available on the Apps tab of the palette.