Flow Designer has a Dynatrace Problems trigger and built-in Dynatrace steps to help you integrate Dynatrace into your alert management and incident response flows.

Dynatrace Steps

The following steps are available:

  • Add Comment: automatically add a comment to an existing Dynatrace problem.
  • Get Problem Details: retrieves the details of a specific Dynatrace problem.

In the example above, the flow creates an alert when a signal comes to xMatters. When a user acknowledges the notification, a comment is added to the Dynatrace Problem.

Add Comment

Use the Add Comment step to automatically add a comment to an existing Dynatrace problem. Map outputs from previous steps to the inputs to create the comment and determine what problem to comment on.

Get Problem Details

Use the Get Problem Details step to retrieve information about a specific Dynatrace Problem. The outputs of this step add information such as start time, end time, or root cause to your incident. You can also use this step to get updated information from Dynatrace as an incident progresses.

Dynatrace Problems trigger

The built-in Dynatrace Problems trigger initiates a flow when it receives a signal from a Dynatrace problem notification.