Create an on-call group with a schedule

This example demonstrates how to create a group to represent an IT department that is responsible for maintaining a corporate network. This group works during regular office hours but must also be on call to deal with service disruptions during evenings, weekends, and holidays.

When an alert occurs, xMatters notifies group members until somebody accepts responsibility and then stops notifying other members. This limits unnecessary notifications about alerts that have already been assigned.

On evenings, weekends, and holidays, group members take turns being the primary on-call responder. This distributes the responsibility of responding to notifications more evenly among members. In this simple example we'll schedule all members to be on call for all shifts. In real-world situations you might want to create alternating on-call shifts and divide the members among them. This would enable some members to be on call while others are completely off duty.  For more information about creating advanced shift schedules, see Schedule shifts.

This on-call group will be configured so it can be modified by several managers and can be viewed and notified by any xMatters user that has permission to send messages.