View and manage shifts

The Calendar tab for each group allows you to review the shift schedule in a familiar daily, weekly, or monthly format. This view also allows you to interact directly with the shift schedule to add, remove, or modify shifts.

You can use the calendar view to instantly see whether shifts overlap or if there are any times that are not covered by any shift. You can also use this view to see who is on call during each shift.

Calendar tab in weekly view

Calendar display options

The calendar can be viewed in day, week, or month view. Additionally, you can use the navigation buttons to view the schedule in future timeframes.

View shift details

Modify shifts on the calendar

The calendar allows you to create and modify some attributes of shifts, including their start and end times and recurrence options. The features of the calendar tab work in conjunction with the features on the shifts tab to allow you to build out complex shift schedules. 

In some cases you can modify certain attributes of the shift schedule from the calendar tab or the shifts tab. For more information about building out a shift schedule, see Schedule shifts.