Collaborate across teams

The Collaboration section displays channels the resolution team is using to communicate about the issue. It can include multiple channels — for example, a conference call where stakeholders are discussing business impact and customer communication strategies, a Slack channel where the development team chats about technical mitigation and resolution options, and a Teams channel where the support team and the development team review the latest input from users.

To access a collaboration channel from the incident console:

  • Click the link for a chat channel to open the channel in the chat app.
  • Click the link for an xMatters conference bridge link to go to the conference tab for that call, where you can actively monitor the conference and participants.
  • To share a channel URL or bridge details, click the copy icon to copy them to your clipboard.

Add collaboration channels to an incident resolution workflow

Collaboration channels are automatically added to the incident if they've been configured in the incident resolution workflow. If you don't see any channels in the collaboration section, it means steps for these channels haven't been added to the workflow.

A collaboration channel is also added automatically if you initiate an incident from a public channel in Slack. Learn more about initiating incidents from Slack.

To add a collaboration channel to an incident, add and configure the steps you need in the associated flow in the incident resolution workflow. See our Incident Resolution workflow guide for instructions.