Collaborate across teams

The Collaboration section displays channels the resolution team is using to communicate about the issue. It can include multiple channels — for example, a conference call where stakeholders are discussing business impact and customer communication strategies, a Slack channel where the development team chats about technical mitigation and resolution options, and a Teams channel where the support team and the development team review the latest input from users.

To access a collaboration channel from the Incident Console:
  • Click the link for a chat channel to open the channel in the chat app.
  • Click the participants count of an xMatters conference bridge to see the names of the participants for that call. If there are more than 10, click View all participants to see the full list on the conference tab. (The Resolvers section displays a phone icon next to the names of resolvers who are participating in an xMatters conference bridge for this incident.)
  • To share a channel URL or bridge details, click the copy icon to copy them to your clipboard.

Add collaboration channels to an incident

Collaboration channels can be added to the incident by configuring the incident resolution workflow, initiating an incident from Slack, or from the Incident Console after the incident has been initiated.

Add collaboration channels automatically

To add a collaboration channel when the incident is initiated, add and configure the steps you need in the associated flow in the incident resolution workflow. See our Incident Resolution workflow guide for instructions on how to do this.

The following steps are currently available:

  • Slack Create Channel
  • Teams Create Online Meeting
  • Create xMatters Conference Bridge
  • Zoom Create Meeting

A collaboration channel is also added automatically if you initiate an incident from a public channel in Slack. Learn more about initiating incidents from Slack.

Add collaboration channels after an incident is initiated

For some collaboration types, you can create a new channel or link an existing channel to an incident from the Incident Console. Any user who has access to the Incident Console can add collaboration channels by clicking the + Add drop-down menu in the Collaboration section and selecting the channel you want to add.

If there is already a collaboration channel endpoint connected to the xMatters workflow that initiated the incident, by default the system will use that information when adding a collaboration channel. If no endpoint is connected or there is more than one, you will be prompted to connect to the relevant application before adding a channel. Learn more about how endpoints work in Flow Designer.

Edit collaboration channels

If the details of a collaboration channel change or need updating during an ongoing incident, you can ensure the information is always accurate by editing the name, URL, or details of a channel through the Incident Console.

To edit a collaboration channel:
  1. Under the Incident Console's Collaboration section, click the drop-down menu next to the channel you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit:
  3. Update the Channel Name, Channel URL, or Collaboration Details.
    • If you're updating the URL, make sure to use the same type of collaboration channel (for example, a Slack URL for a Slack collaboration channel) as the channel type and icon cannot be updated in the Incident Console. If you need to change the collaboration channel type, remove the channel and create a new one.
    • For xMatters Conference Bridges, links are created automatically and cannot be edited.
  4. Click Save.

Collaboration channels created by a flow can only be edited in Flow Designer.

Remove collaboration channels from an incident

If a collaboration channel is no longer relevant to an incident, or it was added in error, you can remove it from the Incident Console so resolvers don't become confused about where to connect and collaborate. Removing a collaboration channel from the Incident Console does not delete it, so you can add it again or link it to another incident later.

To remove a collaboration channel:
  1. Under the Incident Console's Collaboration section, click the drop-down menu next to the channel you want to remove.
  2. Select Remove:
  3. When the confirmation screen appears, click Remove.