View the Notifications report

The Notifications report provides an overview of all notifications within the system, and can be used to monitor system activity during periods of load. The report contains data when the system is busy creating and delivering notifications.

Pending Notifications report

A notification will be included and displayed on the report when it meets the following conditions:

  • The related alert must be active in the system.
  • The notification must have been created; i.e., the delivery services must be properly configured and the notification must have been identified as a non-duplicate.

A notification is removed from the report under the following conditions:

  • The notification is delivered to the provider, usually signified by the provider returning a "Provider Delivered " status update. In the rare event that no status update is received, the notification is removed from the Pending list if the user responds.
  • The notification has passed the maximum number of allowable retries.
  • The notification is archived. By default, xMatters archives runtime data after seven days, and purges archived data 21 days after archiving it, though this timing is dependent on your pricing plan.