User delivery

The User Delivery tab provides you with detailed information on who was notified for a specific alert, if they were notified as part of a group, the delivery status, the date and time of the notification, and which devices were contacted.

The User Delivery tab contains the following fields:




The first and last name of the user notified.

Notified Groups

The groups the user was notified as a member of, or if they received a 'Direct Notification'. Click the name of a group to see who was on call at the time of the notification. For more information, see Viewing shift on call information.

First Delivery

The date and time of the first notification attempt.

Delivery Status

The delivery status of the notification. Available notification options are Responded and Failed.


The response option selected by the user, with the date and time the response was sent. If the user responds to a notification multiple times, for example by accepting the notification, then escalating it, the response status displays the last response provided by the user. In this case, the user's last response was "Escalate".


The device types notified, in order of their notification. Click the device icons to view detailed device notification information. If the device was given a specific name when it was added to a user's profile (for example "Stan - work email"), the name is displayed with notification information. If no name was provided, the device type is displayed.


Except for Devices, you can sort the columns on the User Delivery page in either ascending or descending order to group information in the way that's most useful to you. You can also rearrange columns by dragging and dropping, or resizing the headers.

Using the Add to Group button, you can create a new group based on a filtered subset of the users on the User Delivery tab. For example, you can add all users who didn't respond to the notification into a group and notify them again, or kick off a follow up alert for those who did respond. When you click Add to Group, you can either add the users to an existing group, or create a new group.

Viewing shift on call information

As a supervisor, you might want to see who was on call for a specific group to determine whether shifts are adequately staffed, or if the on call staff responded to alerts within an appropriate timeframe. You can click the name of a group in the Notified Groups column to view who was on-call when the notification was sent.

The Who Was On Call window opens and displays historical data for the group, shift, and users who were on call at the time of the notification, including temporary absences and their replacements, and the alerting context. If there are multiple shifts they are also displayed, and the first five escalation levels for each group are shown. For users with the appropriate permissions, you can click a user's name in either the User Delivery window or the Who Was On Call window to see their devices and the groups they belonged to at the time of the alert.