Subscribe to alerts

Subscriptions allow you to receive notifications about alerts even if you are not included as a recipient. This allows you to monitor specific alerts regardless of whether you were included directly or indirectly as a recipient in the original notification. You could use subscriptions to keep track of weather-related supply-chain disruptions in the Chicago office, network disruptions that have not been handled within 30 minutes, or all alerts that were generated from a specific workflow

When you create a subscription you define a set of criteria that tells xMatters which alerts you want to be notified about. You can also configure subscriptions to notify on you specific devices. This enables you to fine-tune which alerts you subscribe to and how you are notified, for example, you might want to receive an email about all network outages, but if the network outage is in your data center and has been unresolved or 45 minutes you may want a phone call on your mobile phone.

Before you can subscribe to a form, the form must be configured to allow subscriptions and you must have permission to subscribe to it.