Receive and respond to phone alerts

When you receive a phone alert from xMatters, the behavior of how the message is delivered and how you respond can vary depending on the notification handling options of the message form.

The following steps occur when xMatters calls you with an alert:

  1. xMatters dials your number and waits for a response.
  2. If you answer, xMatters will greet you and play the alert.
    1. You may be required to enter your phone password. See Change your web and phone passwords for instructions on how to change your phone password.
    2. If the message is urgent, xMatters may not play a greeting message before the notification.
  3. If the call is answered by an answering machine or voicemail system, xMatters will leave a message with callback information so that you can call in to retrieve alerts.
    1. Depending on the specified voicemail handling options, xMatters may also play the content of the message with or without providing callback information, or disconnect without playing a message.
  4. If you do not answer the phone, xMatters may try dialing a set number of times. Then, depending on your user and group details, xMatters will attempt to contact you via another device, or attempt to contact the next user in your group or team.
  5. If there are response choices, listen to them carefully and press the number that corresponds to your choice.
    1. There will be an option to repeat all of the response choices in case you need to hear the options again.
  6. After you choose your response, xMatters will thank you and, if you have no further pending alerts, end the call. If there are more alerts waiting for you, xMatters will proceed to play them to you.