Receive and respond to text alerts

You can receive xMatters alerts as text messages on text phones and pagers, and respond to the alerts if your device is capable.

Text phone or two-way pager

If you are notified via a text-enabled (SMS) phone or two-way pager, the response options and instructions will be listed within the message itself.

Most SMS responses do not include support for additional annotations or notes. Keep your responses short, and limited to the options described in the notification.

The ability to respond to an SMS alert expires after a 36-hour period; to submit a valid response for the event after this time period, respond by email, phone, or the xMatters mobile app.

Alerts may appear differently on your device, and the message for your alert may have been formatted by your xMatters Administrator to include different options and display features.

Example response

When you receive an xMatters notification on your SMS device, each response option will be associated with a number (e.g., 1 - Accept, 2 - Reject, etc.). To reply to the message, enter the number for your response choice. When you press Send, your device communicates your response choice back to xMatters, where it will be associated with the event that prompted the alert.

Example text response

If you are using a two-way pager or your deployment does not have simple SMS replies enabled, you will have to type in your response. Follow the instructions included in the notification.

In this example, to reply to the alert you would type "RES", followed by your response choice: RES Available

One-way pager

If you have been notified via a one-way pager, you must call into xMatters to respond. For more information, see Call into xMatters to retrieve alerts.